How Good is Tile Art

Tile Art | Ceramic Art

To be very specific, you get what you pay for when it comes to tile art and especially backsplash. This means that there are many forms of cheap glass tile. So one must pick wisely when shopping for tile art or tile glass. We’re not saying that the Home Depot or Lowe’s $10/sqft glass tile isn’t good but generally we get what we pay for. Architectural Art Tile’s glass tile backsplash may be a little pricier than some other backsplash tile out in the market, however we stand behind our custom tile . As for floor tile we mostly work with natural stone tile; which makes a great tough surface for kitchens or other high traffic areas. For bathrooms, a great option for tiles would also be our glass as well as ceramic tile art. Mosaic tile on a sheet work as an alternative, however grouting and installing can really turn into a big hassle.

Installing Tile Art

The number one rule to installing tile, is to talk to a local tile store and get prepared with the proper tools and material for installing our glass, ceramic or stone tile. Your local tile store will know all the trade secrets and issues that go with installing tile in your area especially if you plan to install tile outside. Specialized tillers are also a great alternative if you feel that you can’t do the tile project on your own. There is no shame in not doing a tiling project yourself, there is actually a lot of damage that can occur if tile is not installed properly. Failing to free your tile area of dirt correctly can lead to foliage in the system. It is also very important for you to have the tiles sealed to preserve the tile. Many times, people will just cut corners to quickly install backsplash tile.

Regardless of what type of tile you are installing; if you’re doing the job yourself make sure you have all the tools and everything prepped and ready before you begin or if you’re hiring a tile pro; the tile art and backsplash tile  that you get from Architectural Art Tile will be top quality tile.