We are pleased with the slate tiles Architectural Art Tile etched for us. The subtle detail and accuracy of the imagery are exactly what we wanted for our project. The raven, coho salmon, and grizzly bear etched tiles are perfect appointments for the entryway and wood burning stove areas in which they are set. Architectural Art Tiles staff were pleasant and professional, and our job was completed quickly for the right price.”

Thank you, and best regards,


Custom Natural Stone Tile Custom Nature Stone Tile Custom Natural Stone Tile


We admired the work from Architectural Art Tile and when the opportunity arose to create accent tiles for our home, we turned to the team to take our idea and turn it into reality.  They worked with an artist friend of ours to translate a digital image into a unique tile.  They fine-tuned our samples until we got them just right.   We really appreciated their concern for quality and how easy they made it for us.

Mike and Sue


The granite tiles came packed very securally when it arrived. All pieces were there and in perfect condition. They look amazing in the center of the floor in my home. People always give me compliments on it. I was very happy with my purchase!


– Prasad


We were planning a major kitchen remodel to our 100 yr old home. My wife has a favorite painting of a chicken hanging in the kitchen. We were having trouble fitting the painting into our plans for the new kitchen. We came across Architectural Art Tile’s booth at the Home and Garden Show.
Problem Solved !!!! We would have the Chicken picture put on ceramic tile and include it in the backsplash over the sink for all to see in our new kitchen. It was a simple process – I took a digital image of the painting and sent it in. After some cropping and very slight color enhancement which I accomplished with the camera software, the folks a Architectural Art Tile transferred the image to 16 – 6 inch tiles that we will install in the backsplash area in our new kitchen The image looks great, the cost was very reasonable, and the service was fast and efficient. The best news is that our “Chicken” will live on in our new more modern kitchen in tile more durable than the original canvas painting. Thanks to Architectural Art Tile for a great job.
Bob and Nelly Stayton
Portland Oregon.