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glass tile in a nursey

Decorate the Playroom in Glass Tile?

No parent in their right mind is going to decorate the playroom in white. They’d have a very good idea, however, if they decorated the playroom in glass tile, whether it’s white or another color. Most folks’ idea of glass tile is the backsplash behind the kitchen sink or the stove top. Everyone has seen […]


New Majestic Glass Tile Pattern!!!

Architectural Art Tile has come out with a brand new pattern for its line of fashionable, astoundingly elegant glass tile; called Majestic. If you have ever walked into a home where the walls are lined with glass tiles in all colors of the rainbow, decorated with a variety of shapes and designs, you know how […]

Getting the Splash Back to Your Kitchen Backsplash By Using Glass Tile

Once regarded as purely utilitarian, the kitchen backsplash has definitely come a long way. Today, this space – that either goes above the cooktop or sink or continue throughout the perimeter of the workspace –  is considered as a prime real estate where you can make serious design statement. Your kitchen backsplash offers you the […]

Art Tile used as Kitchen Backsplash Tile

The mundane and dreary interior of our home, years after years stupefy us. We think of remodeling or re-touching a few dusty and dusky corners. We often think of altering the positions of our existing furnitures and rearranging them in a new fashion, sometimes we even think of changing the drapes. These little additions, alterations […]

Bring your Kitchen into the 21st Century : Backsplash

Your kitchen and bathroom are generally the two areas of the home that will need revamping, before anything else. While renovating may seem like a daunting task, there are a number of easy DIY solutions that can help to bring your home into the 21st Century – and if all else fails; you can always […]

Do you have glass tile backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom?

Its nothing new to want the latest and greatest in any thing. When building or remodeling home owners will always spend most of the time in just deciding what they want to do. Some even go the extra step and hire interior designers to come out and show them the latest styles and trends in […]

Glass Tile Backsplashes & Design

  One could discover their unique glass tile backsplash, which provide charm, add interest and engage the viewer by taking them to a different time and place. Richly colored and unique glass tile designs of peacocks, birds, gazelles, fish and flowers can be installed in any wall of your home. So to make it more […]

Lower Pricing on Glass Tile

Architectural Art Tile has great new to announce today! Architectural Art Tile has reduced its pricing on its famous glass tile! The pricing has gone down for the backsplash & tile glass from $45 a square foot to $29.95 a square foot.  This will help contractors, interior designers, tile stores help sell the product a […]

Creating a Glass Tile Backsplash Pattern

Creating a Glass Tile Backsplash pattern can be a lot fun; however there are a lot of test that a glass tile pattern must pass before we can produce the glass tile backsplash pattern. Let’s start off with the first part of the process; what is the purpose of the pattern that we are about […]

Glass up my Kitchen with glass tile backsplash

Kitchen renovations are known to be expensive so I was a little scared of my tiny budget getting the WOW results I was looking for when I decided to go for it. I watch many home improvement shows. As a result, I have learned that you can get a lot of bang for your buck […]