Save Time and Money with Resurfacing

The hot look of one decade can become the joke of another. Sea foam green and pink tiles may have been the bathroom colors of choice in the 1960s and 1970s, but most people don’t want them in modern bathrooms. In addition to colors becoming dated, the porcelain can also become scratched or stained over the years. In a perfect world, the tub and tiles would be removed and replaced. However, resurfacing will save you money and hassle for the following reasons:

Beware of Renovations in Older Homes

It would seem that all tubs are a standard size, but contractors sometimes get special deals on tubs that are an inch shorter or just a little wider than standard. As a homeowner, you never notice the size difference. As a carpenter renovating the bathroom, that minor size difference can turn into a major problem.

If your tub opening is too large or small, you’re looking at serious renovations. Cutting into the wall can be expensive, and even building the wall up has its own challenges and pitfalls. Before you rush to replace the tub, consider having it resurfaced.

Faster Results

A shower renovation takes time to complete. Even after the old tiles are removed, you still have to wait for tiles to set and deal with the process of grouting. You can expect your shower to be out of commission for a minimum of one week when you have the tiles replaced. Shower resurfacing is much faster. The work can usually be completed in a day, and you will be able to use the shower again within two to three days.

The Most Affordable Option

People who call for resurfacing are often surprised to learn that it does cost a few hundred dollars, This is because special chemicals are used to prepare the surface, and bonding agents are required to get the fresh epoxy to adhere. Before deciding that a few hundred dollars for resurfacing is too expensive, you should consider the cost of having your tiles and tub replaced. Between labor and supplies, full replacement can easily cost you several thousand dollars.

Easy and Convenient

A full bathroom renovation represents a major inconvenience. Even if the workers are only dealing with the tub and tiles, the entire bathroom will be out of commission while they go through the process. While you might not mind for a day or two, it can start to wear on your nerves after a week. The entire resurfacing process is completed in only a few days, so you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a full renovation.

When you are ready to update the bathroom color and enjoy a modern look, you don’t have to invest in a full renovation. Resurfacing is the best choice to help you save money, time, and your sanity. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of remodeling, and you will be left with a bathroom that is fresh, clean, and ready for use.

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