Lower Pricing on Glass Tile

Architectural Art Tile has great new to announce today! Architectural Art Tile has reduced its pricing on its famous glass tile! The pricing has gone down for the backsplash & tile glass from $45 a square foot to $29.95 a square foot.  This will help contractors, interior designers, tile stores help sell the product a lot faster to the customers! Architectural Art Tile will still offer free samples at no charge to the anyone.

With the tough economy upon us all, Architectural Art Tile felt that price shouldn’t be the determining factor when making tile art. There will always be a need for backsplash tile, especially glass tile backsplash. You can find Architectural Art Tile glass tile for sale straight on their site at http://ArchitecturalArtTile.com and also in the eBay store under ArchitecturalArtTile. Architectural Art Tile’s eBay store is a great place to find remnants and items that they are simply looking to move out of the warehouse to make room for new products.

As for Architectural Art Tile’s pricing; its something that is never set in stone. The staff at Architectural Art Tile will always work with you to get you the best price on your custom tile, no matter the material you need. So if you have a small or large project, call Architectural Art Tile and talk to a staff member, who will be able to get you custom pricing.

Architectural Art Tile doesn’t work only with glass tile. They work with a patented black and white ceramic tile called LaserTile. The black and white ceramic tile is ideal for large wall murals. There have been several schools and churches that have turned this black and white ceramic tile murals into great fundraising opportunities. In addition to working with black and white ceramic tile, Architectural Art Tile also works with full art tiles, that can be used for full color images including photos! ┬áLastly, but certainly not least is their work with natural stone tile. Architectural Art Tile has several natural stone options that can look beautiful when they are etched…the possibilities are simply endless.

So with all the new pricing that Architectural Art Tile has to offer, there is no reason one should not contact them for custom tile work. Take a look at ArchitecturalArtTile.com or call them at 866.723.843