Lavish Redecorating Is More Than A Fantasy For Some

Imagine that you have a room in your house that you can decorate in any fashion that you want, and that you have an unlimited budget to do it. That’s merely a fantasy for most of us, although for some that sort of scenario is not only possible, it is in fact the true story behind a good many remodeling projects. You can get carried away, of course, if you have no limits on your budget, and end up like William Randolph Hearst, who built a palace on the Central Coast of California as a tribute to himself, and seemed to mix and match every piece of furnishing, sculpture, artwork and even woodwork that he could spirit away from European castles, and with his decorative riches he constructed an impressive but quite excessive set of living quarters to while away his weekends.

“Getting Off The Rails”

You could easily go off the rails a bit if you, too, felt like the riches of Europe were your playthings, and anything money could buy would be fair game for your previously humble abode. Want solid gold doorknobs? Done! A real ivory washbasin? No problem! You’d be free to pilfer the cultural treasures of any nation or city state and stow them away in your not so humble abode as a private celebration of your of your good taste and lack or moral character. Cash-strapped museums and churches would be forced to toe the line for your alleged largess and sacrifice their heirlooms and keepsakes for a few pieces of silver. But their loss is your gain, so hold your head high as you loot the world of it riches for your own savage amusement. That’s the fun of home decorating.

Showing Your Good Taste

And while you’re at it, grab yourself an antique oval picture frame or two, because after your last foray of plundering the valuables owned by the poor and vulnerable, you’ll want to show people that you actually do have good taste, and these stylish frames will help convince others that this is true, even if it isn’t.

Remember, it doesn’t matter whether or not you really have any appreciation for the objects d’art that you’ve stuffed inside your overcoat as you traipsed through Customs. What matters is how well you fool others into believing that you’re a decent human being with even the slightest trace of altruism, even if you aren’t.

You’ll no doubt want to scope out a neat-looking display glass replacement, because in your childish fits of anger, which are inevitable any time you feel that you aren’t getting your way, you’ll likely throw a paperweight, or even an urn filled with a relative’s ashes, through your display cabinet doors, and then you’ll need to fix them. Best to be prepared, and keep those replacements on hand. Happy decorating!

Eric Blair writes about interior design and using various furniture items to make a room look nicer, including unique oval mirrors from