Glass up my Kitchen with glass tile backsplash

Kitchen renovations are known to be expensive so I was a little scared of my tiny budget getting the WOW results I was looking for when I decided to go for it. I watch many home improvement shows. As a result, I have learned that you can get a lot of bang for your buck by adding a backsplash.

I started researching the cost of different types of backsplashes, and I found that the high end glass tile backsplash was the best way to bring good value to my kitchen. I found the installation of the tile to be within my capabilities after I researched the best way to install it. I gathered the proper tools and took my time measuring and cutting to get the best possible results.

This backsplash tile comes in many styles and colors that really appealed to me. The hardest part was deciding which style I liked best. The glass tile really made my kitchen pop. Glass tile brings a sophisticated look to my kitchen and gives me the WOW factor I was looking for in a kitchen update.

Kitchen renovations can bring you a good return when you decide to sell your home. Therefore, I figured this was a great project for me to do on a small budget. It is a fact that the glass tile backsplash appeals to a high percentage of home buyers. I decided I could not go wrong with a glass tile choice. Although my choice may not be everyone’s favorite style and color, it is a popular style used in many modern kitchens. I knew it was important that I chose a backsplash tile that would appeal to the masses.

I started my search for my glass tile backsplash at one of the big box stores. I found a great variety to choose from and was able to get some samples to take home. I picked the best style for me that was easy to install as a single weekend project. I did it myself with a tile cutter, measuring tape, grout mix, bucket, and grout tools. I am not the handiest girl on the planet, but the backsplash tile looks amazing in my kitchen, if I do say so myself.

I did a little research by bringing home some samples of different tiles in different colors. I read the instructions and gathered the right tools. I chose a popular tile product. The payoff is I managed to glass up my kitchen.