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Wall d├ęcor can consist of framed pictures on the wall or a glass tile mural for a more unique touch. An art tile mosaic can be used to transform walls as well. Although many people are satisfied with the simple pleasures that decorating brings them, others look forward to the simple pleasures that come with just living their lives. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) is one of the more common injuries that can affect a person’s entire life. In some cases, traumatic brain injuries take away everything that was normal before their accident, including the simple pleasure of an art tile covered wall in the living room.

In order to raise awareness and help for those with Traumatic Brain Injuries, holds awareness events all over the country. Donations can be as little or as much as a person can afford, and have included such items as a glass tile mural donation from Architectural Art Tile and recovery products to help patients get through their injuries. The website is more than a story of one man’s experience, however. It provides information about what a TBI is and the symptoms that come with it, as well as real life experiences of those that have lived it.

One of the many ways that raises awareness for the cause is a month long bike ride that takes them through nine states. With plenty of training beforehand, rider will make a 115 mile trek per day in order to keep on schedule without wearing themselves out. From April 21 until May 18, 2012, every rider’s training time will be tested with only one day of rest. Beginning in Costa Mesa, California and ending in Savannah, Georgia, the bike tour allows cyclists to challenge themselves while seeing all of the beautiful sights that America has to offer while still maintaining the principles behind

Traumatic brain injuries can be life threatening and can have a lasting impact on your life as well as those that love you, and having the information that you need and the support of others that have lived through it can make a huge difference in how you handle your medical condition, both physically and mentally. Although the ride may not cure traumatic brain injuries, it challenges your physical strength and gives you the mental knowledge that you can do anything you put your mind to.