Extreme Home Makeover: Five Important Lessons from Our Favorite Makeover Show

On the Extreme Home Makeover reality show, you can see the construction workers sawing and hammering away, and may wonder how such run down houses can end up looking so beautiful — nothing like the “before” picture you were shown. You may well start looking at your own home with a grimace and wonder how you could ever renovate it without the aid of a TV show and an army of workers. Fortunately, a few simple lessons from the show could be the perfect starting point if you are interested in remodeling your house or simply changing something about it you may have been putting up with for years. In this situation, when implemented correctly, change is good.

Lesson # 1: Remodeling Need Not Be Expensive

A new paint job can completely change the look of a single room or an entire house, but if you do the work yourself, it need not break your budget. The key to any purchase — home improvement-related or otherwise — is to shop around, compare prices and look for sales to get the best value for your dollar. If the room is small, choose a light, bright color. For example, if a green paint looks like pea soup to you, try a bright spring green instead. Paint away the old and bring in new color! If you wish, use sponges to swirl a pattern in the paint to give it texture.

Lesson # 2: Small Change in Accessories Can Have a Big Impact

Change out the curtains or lampshades or add a colorful sofa or chair cover to liven up the appearance of a drab room. Again, shop around and look for sales, and do not feel that you have to match everything perfectly. For example, buy a print cover for that old sofa, then choose the one or two main colors in the pattern to shade the lamps or for a new set of drapes.

Lesson # 3: Area Rugs Can Easily Dress Up an Existing Carpet

Instead of going to the expense of recarpeting your entire home, purchase some colorful, classy area rugs in different shapes and patterns to liven up different rooms without blowing your budget. Make sure the rugs you choose do not clash with the carpet already installed in these rooms.

Lesson # 4: Murals Can Revamp a Boring Room
Try putting up a mural on one wall of a den, bedroom, or spare room. You can purchase a stencil pattern to paint the mural on your own, or you can purchase a tile mural that comes in panels to glue onto the wall itself. Either way, the mural can be an expression of you and your interests; the available choices have become unbelievably wide-ranged.

Lesson # 5: Landscaping Does Not Have to Cost a Fortune

Landscape around your house by cutting the grass, edging along walkways, placing decorative rocks, planting flowers, erecting a trellis and allowing climbing plants to screen your yard for privacy and attractive natural greenery. None of these options cost very much, but they can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home.

Author Bio:

Liz contributed this guest post on behalf of Empire Today.  Liz is a freelance design writer. She enjoys writing on renovation and DIY projects.