Decorating Home and Garden with Hockey Themed DecorF

Decorating Home and Garden with Hockey Themed Décor

Hockey lovers feel at home when they have hockey themed home interiors. If you love hockey and wish to give a sporty look to your home, there are many home décor accessories which will help you achieve this. We have simply listed below a few hockey themed home décor options. Hope these suggestions prove useful to you.

If you wish to give your home a sporty flavor, you have to see the scope of using all the hockey accessories to decorate your home. Here are some possible options.

Using Hockey Sticks

You can use the hockey sticks to give a fabulous look to your living room. You can place two hockey sticks crossed against each other on the wall behind the television and home theater set. Hockey fans will surely love this.

Using Pucks

You can use the hockey pucks to make various distinct home décor accessories. You can have coasters which are shaped like hockey pucks. You may even have puffs in your home which are shaped like hockey pucks.

If you purchase hockey candle sets, they have candleholders which are shaped like hockey pucks. You can even go for hockey puck shaped cushions for your sofa sets.

Using Team Accessories

There are many home accessories which are based on the hockey theme. You may go for clocks which have the team logo of your favorite hockey team. You may even use posters with motivational quotes in your teen’s bedroom. He will definitely love it.

Hockey themed Décor for Walls

You can decorate your walls with framed images of past hockey champions. You may also go for hockey themed wall murals. You may also come across wall arts made from old hockey balls or other hockey accessories.

Hockey Themed Décor for Bedroom

If you are an ardent hockey fan, how can you keep hockey out of your bedroom? There are various ways in which you can decorate your bedroom in the hockey theme. You can have lights which are shaped like the hockey sticks.

You can also go for sports themed area rug which complements the hockey theme in your bedroom.

Garden Décor

Home is not the only place where you can go for hockey themed décor. You can also beautify your outdoors and the garden area with hockey themed décor items.

Hockey Themed Sculpture

You can have small garden sculptures to depict hockey players. Place these idols at regular intervals. The visitors will be able to see your affinity for hockey when the step into your lawn and see these statues.


You can have a hockey themed sprinkler system in your garden. This is a very innovative sprinkler system and you would love to have it in your garden.

Hockey Balls

You can place colored hockey balls at different places in the lawn. You may even go for ball shaped trashcans in the lawn. Make sure the lawn resembles a hockey field.

Swings and Hammocks

If you are placing swings or hammocks in the outdoors, you can go for swings which resemble a hockey goal area. You may even make a seating arrangement which resembles the goal area.

Why should you decorate your home and outdoors in the hockey theme?

There are many reasons why this kind of home décor goes really great with most homes. Here we have listed few of the major reasons.

  • It will give your home an entirely new sporty look.
  • It will help you give your personal touch to the house.
  • You can educate your children about hockey by going for hockey themed home interiors.
  • You can impress your visitors by new ways of decorating your home with hockey themed home décor.
  • There is no solitary or peculiar fashion in which you should decorate your home to make it a hockey themed house. This will give you several different options in home decorating while following the same unique theme.
  • It will help to give your home a modern and informal look.
  • If you are among those, who prefer to frequently change the appearance of your home, now you can go for hockey themed décor. Hockey has gained a lot of importance in the 2012 London Olympics too. You can actually teach your children about the Olympics by going for such game themed home interiors.

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