Clean & Simple…Tile Glass

Condominiums have always been a sort of get away. The kind of place you can go and relax, it’s the vacation without having to actually leave the city you live in or the state. An elderly Californian couple had the same basic idea. They loved being grandparents, but why would they have to travel so far to be with their loved ones. So they decided to buy a condo closer to their grandchildren. The condo they bought, although beautiful, was long overdue for design though. This is why to make sure this new residence was a place they would feel comfortable, they hired a professional designer.

The conclusion the designer came to may have seemed really simple, but that is what this place needed. The concept for this place had to have as little as possible in it. Only the bare essentials were included, this way they would be able to create whatever they wanted in the condo. One aspect of design they seemed to focus on was color. For instance they included red dining chairs, and loud colors on the panels through out the home. Originally in addition to all this color the designer wanted high-end kitchen cabinets. But when disaster struck she had to ask another place to make the same cabinets, which actually worked out in her favor.


For a decrease in price she was able to get the maximum contrast. Through the use of a melon backsplash it brought out the beauty of the shiny surfaces. This tile art was nothing compared to what she did in the bedroom. In the bedroom there were concerns that it wouldn’t feel as dimensional as one would like. Afromosia was added to one of the walls to end this problem. It just goes to show what a little thought and experience can do for a condo.


Tile glassand backsplash are perhaps one of the best ways to design your home. Through the use of tile art you can make any home look beautiful. Architectural Art Tile is a great place to look tile glass and much more. If you would like to revamp your home the way this elderly Californian couple did, contact us.