Ceramic Tile – Old

Custom Ceramic Tile / Photo Tile

Imagine being able to create a uniquely beautiful atmosphere, and doing so with art work or photographs that have a personal story attached. An appealing display can be created through a process called sublimation. Creating a Photo Tile using this process offers a distinctive and artistic display, while preserving the photographs and images for years to come.

Sharing the beauty of Color Art with guests and visitors is not only for the home owner. This process can also be used by business owners as well. Leaving the right impression is part of a smart marketing plan. Choosing the right piece of art and displaying it in a unique way can have the kind of visual impact that words fail to offer. This process could take the company colors, logo, or unique piece of art work to an extraordinary level.

There are times when a room, wall, or building needs a focal point that will draw attention and stop people in their tracks. Consider creating a focal point with Art Tile. Choosing the right piece will create a desirable effect and give any space a uniquely beautiful artistic touch. Give people something to talk about by creating a visual conversation piece.

These beautiful pieces of tile may be created using personal photographs or images. Selective pieces of professional artwork are also available, for those that would prefer. Designed to create a striking and distinctive display each piece offers its own special appeal. Selecting the right piece can take any room from ordinary to extraordinary.

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