Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Even if you’re living in a cave in some remote mountain area you know what a bathroom is and most times, where to find one. If your bathrooms look like a scene from a horror movie and you can’t wait to get in and out, and your guests, on occasion, make an excuse to make a sudden trip to a nearby gas station when Nature calls, maybe its time you do something about it. Since we all spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, you might think: “why do you need a backsplash in your bathroom?” One reason might be to make your bathrooms shine like a ruby and stick-out with some tile art. The second reason is that if your bathroom walls are not covered with tiles then it isn’t protected against splashes from the bathtub or shower; ergo, the name backsplash. And since you’re on a roll here, why stop at just a tub/shower. You can also make a lovely decorative tile backsplash between the sinks and cabinets and add a tile glass design above it as a finishing touch. Once completed your bathrooms will look so ornate the next time guests come to call, they may ask for the name of your architectural tile wizard and never leave your bathrooms even if you’re grilling rib-eye steaks and serving a $100 dollar wine.

If thinking about remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms in that 15 year old home you love so much, be sure to consider upgrading your bathrooms with some decorative tile art. Most architectural tile companies would enjoy spending some time at your home, without any obligation, showing you designs and pictures of tile glass and tile art and show you how effective bathroom ideas can be. Once you see the beauty, you’re hooked!