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Modern Apartment

5 Must Have Accessories For Every Modern City Apartment

It is very easy to fall into the trap of a lackluster apartment. It is also easy to turn that ho-hum home into a vibrant living space. Some tweaks and a few new accessories are all it takes to brighten up an apartment without spending a fortune. Here are some quick buys that fit any […]

Four Small Things That Can Lead To Big Problems In Your Home

Four Small Things That Can Lead To Big Problems In Your Home

For homeowners with a habit of putting off routine maintenance, small problems may quickly lead to larger issues when left unattended. By addressing simple issues before they begin to escalate, homeowners can save time, headaches, and a considerable amount of money.   Don’t Forget About Your Roof   One of the most overlooked elements in […]


New Years Resolutions: 5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home!

It’s January, and you know what that means. People are getting organized and taking control of their lives and their homes. For most people, their biggest investment and asset is their home. Increasing the value of your home, even if you don’t plan on selling, can improve your quality of life and create a more […]

Remodeling a Home

Remodeling a Home? Five Basics You Might Forget to Look At

Most homeowners dream big when it comes to remodeling. After all, everyone wants their home to be a playhouse. However, even though you might want that hot tub in the backyard or a tiki bar out by the pool, unnecessary and extravagant renovations don’t do much to increase the resale value of your home. Below […]

6 Ways To Spice Up Your Rented Bathroom And Make It Feel Like Home

When you decide to sell up your home and head for pastures new there is sometimes a stage in between where you have to rent some short term accommodation. Not everyone can just step into their new home. That’s fine. It’s not the end of the world. Still, it can get quite annoying when things […]


Too Much Clutter? 7 Tips To De-Junk Your House

One of the best ways to free up extra space in your home is to get rid of stuff you don’t need or aren’t using. If you think you need to get rid of some stuff or just need to free up some more space, try these seven ways to move it out of your […]

Helpful Tips For Saving Money On Home Repairs

Helpful Tips For Saving Money On Home Repairs

Many homeowners decide to take on the task of performing repairs on the house personally. Home repairs can be costly if they are not done correctly and planned right. Some expenses are unavoidable. Others are not. Five tips will help anyone to save money on home repairs.   1. Stay Focused On the Repair   […]