5 Keys to Achieving Man Cave Greatness

Source: Mirage Floors

For the man who aspires to greatness, he understands that not all man caves are created equal. For this man, his cave is not a hideout, but is instead a place to celebrate the glories of dudeliness. Follow the 5 keys below to make your man cave the choice destination on the block for all things bro.

1. Get your entertainment right

Unsurprisingly, the most important key to properly designing your mancave revolves around the entertainment system. The more outlandish, the better. Want a TV that’s wider than you are tall? Bring it on. 1080p provides a smoother display of images in motion, making it the top choice for sporting events and action movies alike.

2. Games, games, games

Forget about the Xbox. If you’ve got the room, billiard tables are a timeless way to pass the time with your buds. How much space do you need? Most experts suggest taking the dimensions of the pool table and adding 10 feet to each.

For a 4’x8′ table, this means the minimum room dimensions should be 14’x18′. This leaves 5 feet of space around all sides of the pool table, giving you the freedom to be able to make just about any kind of shot without worrying about knocking something over or putting any cue-sized holes in your walls.

If your room size won’t allow for a pool table, consider a poker table instead. A time-honored tradition, hosting poker tournaments will quickly make your mancave the go-to for guys’ night.

Last, if nothing else (but preferably in addition to one of the above), pick up a dartboard. A standard board with a custom cabinet can be a great way to balance classic with a touch of flair.

3. Get your drink on

No man cave could be considered complete without a drink station. While bar tops are generally front of mind, liquor cabinets are a great way to inject uber class into a room. Consider pairing with a full or mini size refrigerator to complete your bar area, giving you a place to stock cold ones for game day.

4. Don’t skimp on the seating

Save the lawn chairs for tailgating at the stadium. For man caves, dark is always in. Think rich woods and dark leathers. Need some inspiration? Consider popping in to your local whiskey and/or cigar bar. Hey, it’s in the name of research, right?

A similar direction is to consider masculine fabrics. A dark navy fabric with thin white pinstripes is like a suit for your couch or chair and will be a stand-out piece for your room.

5. Personalize to make it your own

When it comes to man cave interior design, the quirkier, the better. Consider the chrome antler lamp in the image at the top of the page. This thing is the A Christmas Story “leg lamp” of the 21st century. Side note: A quick Google search will easily turn up leg lamps, if that kind of thing is your schtick.

The key is to make the pieces of the room an exaggerated reflection of who you are. Sports memorabilia and team flags are great for sports guys, while guys looking to inject class into their man cave should consider going with black and white wall decor. To pull this off, think Bond. Find and frame black and white photos of poker chips, martinis, a billiard table, or a roulette wheel to complete your design. Bonus points for a mounted deer or moose.

Chris Key is a freelance writer for Hughes Floor Covering, the Charlotte, NC area’s premier carpet and flooring dealer.