5 Cost Effective Commercial Decor Ideas

Whether you own an office, retail property, showroom or any other form of commercial property, over time it can become both tatty and dated if you do not keep on top of the décor which can lead to potential customers being put off. In this period of financial difficulty, businesses across industry sectors may be struggling to justify spending lots on calling in the professionals to update the décor; for this reason, the following cost effective tips have been compiled to provide inspiration to business owners.

Lay Your Own Flooring

If your property currently sports a threadbare carpet or worn laminate, it may be time to consider a hardwearing alternative. Most will call upon the services of a professional to lay the flooring, but if you choose the right kind of flooring you can do a great job yourself, saving you a small fortune! Interlocking floor tiles are a great solution for those who want long-lasting flooring that they can install themselves with ease. The benefits aside from simple installation are that they can be found in a range of colours, and should damage occur to the flooring, you only need to replace the affected tiles as opposed to the entire floor.

Create a Feature Wall

If you have a relatively neutral colour scheme, a fantastic way to freshen up a commercial property is by creating a feature wall (great option; art tiles). Once you have decided on a colour and the wall, set aside a day to get to work and paint it yourself; a couple of hours later and you will have a rejuvenated space for simply the price of the paint!

Budget Art Work

There are plenty of discount stores that offer big prints for budget friendly prices, but if you fancy something a little more unusual why not buy a few large frames and choose a collection of wall paper samples to frame? Not only is this cost effective, it’s also a great way to create a unique wall of art that never fails to catch the eye of your potential customers.

Bargain Furniture

Whether you are looking to replace the sofas and chairs within a commercial setting, or you are in desperate need of office desks and cabinets, you will undoubtedly have seen just how much these items can cost brand new. Quality needn’t be compromised by spending less, especially when you know what you are looking for, so research a few trusted brands and then take a look online and see what pieces you can pick up second hand. It’s also worth setting aside a few Sunday mornings to hit the car boot sales as you never know what gems could be found for a bargain price.

Source Fabrics

A battered sofa can be given a new lease of life by new covering and scatter pillows and a great place to source materials cheaply is your local market. Priced per metre, you can buy as much or as little as you need and it can be used for sofas, as table coverings or even a wall hanging for those looking for something less corporate and more unusual!

Breathing new life into your commercial setting needn’t mean setting aside an enormous budget; simply try these cost effective alternatives and see the difference that can be made without maxing out the credit card!

Sophie works alongside www.ecotileflooring.com and has recently updated the office with a feature wall and second hand furniture.